Christmas Shop!!

This might just be our best news update so far! Our wonderful staff have been hard at work for the past while and the Garden Centre is almost transformed back into a Winter Wonderland once more. The Christmas Shop is due to open on October 10th and we can't wait to welcome you all. This year the Christmas Shop has an amazing theme and some very unique stock which we've never had in the Christmas Shop before. But don't worry, we'll still have lots of classic and traditional decorations to choose from in-store.

With the launch of our online store you will now also have the options to buy some of our more popular and larger items online which can be delivered to you at home! This comes at the perfect time as we understand that not everyone will be comfortable in-store at the moment.

On that note, we do require that all visitors wear their mask and follow social distancing as well as possible while visiting the store. We also ask that everyone use the hand sanitiser provided on entry and again when leaving the store. Our aim is for everyone to feel welcome and safe.

With the return of our wonderful Christmas Shop comes the return of our delicious seasonal drinks. We have already added Autumn drinks such as Pumpkin Spice Latte, Bombay Spice Tea and a Pumpkin Hot Chocolate. As well as that, our Christmas Hot Chocolates and Gingerbread Latte/Cappuccino are now back too!

The café now has more limited seating which is primarily outdoors so please be understanding of this during your festive visit! We will also provide a takeaway service so that you can enjoy your hot drink, delicious dessert or hot lunch at home or on the go. Come and join us for a delicious hot drink after your stroll through this years Winter Wonderland!