The benefits of Indoor Plants

Here at the Garden Centre, we've noticed that indoor plants have become increasingly popular! And it's no wonder - not only are plants visually pleasing, they have an array of hidden benefits. We're glad to tell you that it's not just the appearance of your home that will improve from the purchase of an indoor plant!

  • Mental well-being - Houseplants can do wonders for our mental health. The presence of plants has been proven to provide a sense of calm and clarity as well as a sense of purpose. 

  • Clean air -  Houseplants can rid the air of common toxins and indoor pollutants, essentially purifying the air you breathe in a daily basis. Just keep leaves clean and free of dust, and take them outdoors every so often to receive natural sunlight so that they can ‘recharge'.

  • Accomplishment - Caring for and growing indoor plants isn't always easy (depending on what plant you choose). For this reason, successfully caring for your plants can bring about a sense of accomplishment, having succeeded with your new project!

  • Stress relief - The act of caring for your plant, while not very time-consuming, can provide distraction from your worries and lower your stress levels.

  • Production - The calming quality of indoor plants has a knock on effect when it comes to our productivity levels. Studies have shown that office spaces with plants increased productivity by 15% or so, making them an ideal decoration for your home office or study space.

  • Promote healing - It's well known that certain plants are used as natural remedies, so not only could the plant you choose provide all of the benefits mentioned above but it could have healing properties. For example, aloe vera can be used to calm skin irritations.

Plants are a beautiful way to add light and colour to just about any room in your home and with endless benefits - it's a no brainer! We have a range of indoor plants of all shapes, sizes and appearances. Feel free to ask our staff about which house plant would be best for you and your home!