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Cactus Euphorbia

  • Bright light: This plant likes its rays. Place it in the brightest spot available. It’ll take all the sun you can give it.
  • Feeding: Give a cactus-specific feed, diluted to half strength, about once every two months in spring and summer.
  • Light watering: This plant is used to deserts so its water needs are very modest. Let it dry out fully between drinks.

It’s native to Southern Africa, where it stands out in the dry scrublands, basking in the blazing sun. As it grows, sometimes almost ten metres tall, its trunk becomes woody. Eventually, it becomes a strange, bulbous tree. Often it will flower and grow round, red fruit. As a houseplant it won’t become a tree, or grow flowers and fruit (we don’t have the necessary conditions). It will remain a tall, handsome plant that deals very well with living inside. When caring for it, think desert: Lots and lots of light; not a lot of water.We don't recommend this plant for homes with small children or curious pets. Did you know? The milky latex inside it is poisonous, but some indigenous groups in Africa have learned how to turn it into a medicine for a variety of ailments. **Please be aware the sap is highly toxic. It is poisonous if consumed and can cause irritation if it touches your skin.**