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Snake Plant - Sansevieria 40cm

  • Light watering - If you’re forgetful about watering, you’ll love this plant. It’s very drought tolerant and likes to dry out between drinks.
  • Most light conditions- It's very chilled about light levels and will be happy in any light conditions, but loves bright, indirect light.
  • Feeding If you want to be very nice, give a liquid feed (diluted to half strength) once in spring and again in summer.
  • Leaves can get dusty, which isn’t good for its health. Give a gentle clean when needed.
  • height 40cm pot 13cm

The snake plant is made of tough stuff. It grows primarily across Africa, in very dry conditions. It’s used to places so hot that during the day it keeps all its pores completely closed, so it doesn’t lose any water to evaporation. When the temperature cools at night, its pores open, releasing all the oxygen its been holding in. Its toughness makes it a dream of a houseplant. If you’re a beginner, this is the one for you. It thrives on neglect. It can live in any light conditions and doesn’t care if you forget to water it. The only thing it hates is too much water. It will also benefit from a monthly feed with liquid fertiliser in spring and summer. Low-key as it is, the snake plant is treasured all over the world. Did you know? Another nickname for this plant is ‘viper’s bowstring hemp’, because its strong fibres were once used to make strings for bows.