April Garden Guide Checklist

- Prune and re-pot overgrown house plants.

- Sow Lawn seed for a new lawn.

Prick out Summer bedding plants into small pots.

- Make an early sowing for French beans.

- Take Pelargpnium and Dahlia cuttings.

-Sow courgettes and sweetcorn for late May planting.

- Sow maincrop carrots.

-Feed the lawn with Westland 3 in 1 lawn food.

-Complete lifting and dividing of border perennial flowers.

- Complete soil preparation for sowing new lawn.

- Remember to protect hostas and other soft emerging foilage from slugs.

- Sow parsley in the open ground for good conditions.

- Spray gooseberries against gooseberry mildew.

- Prune early flowering shrubs as soon as they finish.

- Cut back willows and dogwoods grown for bark effect.

- Over-sow old, patchy lawn areas.

- Sow sweet peas for late Summer flowers.

- Prevent blackspot disease damage by spraying.

- Finish pruning fruit trees and bushes.

- Pot up begonias for greenhouse and indoors.

- Feed plants with growmore general fertiliser.

-Plant gladiolus corms in flower borders for late Summer.

- Get hanging baskets and window boxes ready for planting.

-Feed acid loving plants with ericaecious plant food.

Aprils plants of interest:

- Rhododendrons

- Skimmia Rubella

- Skimmia Reeversiana

- Pansy

- Wallflower

- Helleborous Orientalis

- Camelia

- Cherry Trees

- Euphorbia

- Daphne mezereum

- Chaenomeles

- Pieris "Forest Flame"

- Magnolia "Susan & "Stellata"

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