When you close your eyes and picture Christmas decorations all over your home from childhood, what colors do you see? If you're met with all things red and gold, we’re not at all surprised since it’s the standard Christmas color combination. 

      Gold and silver are frequently close behind red and green at the top of the Christmas color chart. Both colors also have a close link to Christian tradition. Gold symbolizes one of the valuable gifts the Magi, or the Three Wise Men, presented to the baby Jesus. In ancient times, gold as one of the most precious metals, along with frankincense and myrrh, were presented to honor the king, and historians believe that these gifts reinforced the prophecy of Jesus as King.

      Gold is also the color of sunlight and a roaring fire, which both give warmth and are essential during the cold winter months. Of course, as a precious metal, gold is also considered to represent wealth, prosperity, and royalty. That’s why people have often given each other gold as a gift during Christmas.